...whilst I was waiting for my friend Alexandra to arrive. Emily was on the computer (-.-) so I found something to do to keep me busy:)


Camilla (faraway cousin) and me this morning! 
Today I've had a cosy day with my relatives. The day started off with a visit at some beautiful place outside Gothenburg and then shopping at Freeport and Kungsmässan. Later on my dad drove me in to town to meet my friend Rebecca who I've missed loads! 


SUNDAY. I started off my day with going to the gym. Then I went home and spent some time with Carolin who is here on visit. Since she goes to the university the easter break has already started since their breaks are usually two week (!). Apart from this I've taken it easy and studied a bit. For dinner we made Daniel bring some thai-food and we all had dinner together. Cosy! 
Grandfather and me today! 

Dinner with bestie!

Today after school I went directly to the gym. Then around 4 I met Tania after she ended her lesson. We went to an Italian restaurant called Pasta+ and had early dinner. It was really cosy and we has soo much to talk about! As dessert we had ice cream at McDonalds. Mcflurry with smarties and daim! 


Sweet oat crisps


This morning I went to the gym since I have sleep-ins on mondays. Right now I'm on my way to school and drinking this delicious smoothie!

Today is lesson free and we are going to see/listen to peoples highschool projects. Since we only have one afternoon for this you'll only be able to choose 3 different presentations. I chose architecture means everything, forget not me (volunteer trip to Afrika) and craving for snacks/desserts. Haha, the last one isn't as serious but we didn't find anything else interesting since most of the presentations were full booked.

Beautiful song #2


Sunny Sunday!

Found this thermos at my cousin's house this morning. He didn't use it so I got it instead!:) 

(Btw. slept over at my cousin's yesterday since it was really late and everyone was really tired. Really long time ago I stayed here ....) 

Good night.

Precious lasagn plate

Beautiful movie

Just watched "The Impossible". I can't really remember the last time I cried soo much watching a movie...... It is simply a beautiful movie based on a true story. 

Breakfast time

So this morning, instead of having class counsil, our class decided to have breakfast together in school. Everyone were supposed to bring food for eachother and it ended up with a table full of things! We also had some music quiz game, which we only played for 10 min because at nine o'clock it was time for chemistry test.

Although I ate breakfast at home it didn't hurt to eat a little more. I couldn't resist my favourite cookies and some delicious fruits!

Covers by Jayesslee.

Love their covers and voices, especially in this video! 

Favourite lipbalm


WEDNESDAY. Since our school most often don't have any lessons on this day it basically means that it's a day off for us students, in the middle of the week, which is really nice! This morning I did some Body Balance at the gym and then I came home and made some lunch; homemade avokado sandwiches, green bean soup and a glass of rose hip soup. Right now I'm going to study for a while, before I meet Emily and Camilla!  

Being in the spotlight

This squirrel wasn't afraid of us and it even came closer to let us take pictures of it. Super cute!
(This was in Hyde Park, London.)

The Catcher in The Rye

A few days ago I started reading this book for a swedish assignment. We were supposed to read a book of our own choice, in any language, but it had to be a classic. So right now I'm going to read some pages and then hoppfully I'll get tired and be able to sleep!

Today is a special day

.....because it's my BEST FRIEND TANIA'S 18th BIRTHDAY!!!! So I just wanted to tell you how much you mean to me and how much I love you!! Ever since infants you've always been there for me and we've always had each other. Words can't describe how valuable our friendship is and how much you mean to me. Now you're finally an adult -although you'll always be my little Tania no matter how old you get- and soon we both are 18! I Hope you've had a wondeful birthday today cause you're really worth it and can't wait to celebrate it with you!  
(Really old picture of us when we were 14!)

Spelling test...

Time to study for my chinese spelling test tomorrow... Then I'm thinking of watching a good movie before I go to sleep!

Study free week

This whole week our school have had a  "homework and test free week" in order to reduce the stress level amongst us students. This means that none of the teachers were allowed to put any assignments or test on this week. So my whole week has simply been really relaxing and nice. Although we had most of our normal classes some things were different. For example, on monday morning we had a lecture about how to cope with stress and how to make life decisions. Although I already knew most of the things he said it was still really inspiring and interesting. In this lecture we were also introduced to some meditation activities which was really fun. Then in the middle of the week our class had a yoga lesson!

Tomorrow is a new week and eveything is back to normal which means normal lessons, homework, tests etc... Since this week has really been "stress free" I feel that I've gained a lot of positive energi and ready for a new week with new challenges!








Rise and Shine!

Snow White

Today I've....
- Fixed my ID card with dad
- Had lunch with bestie in town
- Tried Coco sunshine smoothie (delicious, a must-try!) from Naked juice bar. 
- Read 18 pages of a good book

Right now I'm at my cousins house and waiting for some relatives to arrive. Then it's time for cake since it's my uncles birthday.
Didn't know which one to order this time so I tried a completely new cake which I've never seen before actually. It was called Snow White and had passionfruit and raspberry mousse/cream in it. These are two of my favorite fruits so I guess it will taste as good as it looks. ^^

Expectation vs Reality

Today is a new day, don't let anything stand in your way!


Finally made up my mind!

Tomorrow is the last day to decide what classes you want to choose for your individual choice as well as programme specialization. I've always been really interested in psychology but instead I chose chinese (mandarin) for my IV-choice. Since it's benefitial for me to improve my mandarin, and I really enjoy learing the language, I was 100% sure that this was a class I wouldn't regret choosing. It was when I had to choose my programme specialization all the hesitations started to come. For the past few days I was sure that I was going to choose english and maths (step 5) until today when I had to send in my final choices.
For the past few hours I've been talking to some friends about whether I should or shouldn't choose maths. Since there weren't really any other classes that I wanted to take (except psychology, which you weren't able to  choose for programme specialiation!) I felt that maths was the only solution, believe it or not. I even talked to my older cousins and asked for some advice. After going through this long process I'm really satisfied with my final choices and everything feels really good right now. I didn't choose maths and instead I chose .... sceintific specialization! It's a new course in swedish highschools and it's practically like your highschool project just that it requires more work. On top of it, you could merge these two projects and make it into one bigger project!

Wildberry Pie!

My uncle and aunt came on visit after work so I made a crunchy pie with vanilla cream for everyone to eat. Must admit that it was delicious. Yummy!

Next stop - the gym!

This morning I went to the dentist and right now I'm waiting for my bus. It went really fast today and they fixed my braces as usual.

In about 2 hours it's time for some Bodybalance at the gym. Mean while, I'm going to our restaurant and eat some food. Although I practically just ate breakfast I still have to eat something before I hit the gym. It's important to eat both after and before workout! :)

(Below is a picture of me last week when I was having breakfast with my dad)

Glitter French Manicure

(Old picture)
It's super easy to do and looks really nice and natural! 

Did you know?

Hugging for 20 seconds releases Oxytocin, which can make someone trust you more :) 

First World Problems

Skämt åsido, men vissa grejer stämmer faktiskt in på vissa, Många känner säkert igen sig, haha!   


Last week it was one of my uncle's birthday and I had to order a cake for him. So I ordered my favourite cake, ofcourse. (You can't see the whole cake but there are almond pieces on the side and chocolate whipped cream on top. Yummy! ^^ 

Nice Song! ♡