Snow White

Today I've....
- Fixed my ID card with dad
- Had lunch with bestie in town
- Tried Coco sunshine smoothie (delicious, a must-try!) from Naked juice bar. 
- Read 18 pages of a good book

Right now I'm at my cousins house and waiting for some relatives to arrive. Then it's time for cake since it's my uncles birthday.
Didn't know which one to order this time so I tried a completely new cake which I've never seen before actually. It was called Snow White and had passionfruit and raspberry mousse/cream in it. These are two of my favorite fruits so I guess it will taste as good as it looks. ^^

Wildberry Pie!

My uncle and aunt came on visit after work so I made a crunchy pie with vanilla cream for everyone to eat. Must admit that it was delicious. Yummy!


Last week it was one of my uncle's birthday and I had to order a cake for him. So I ordered my favourite cake, ofcourse. (You can't see the whole cake but there are almond pieces on the side and chocolate whipped cream on top. Yummy! ^^ 

Last minute Christmas Shopping - check!

SUNDAY. This morning I went to Frölunda Torg with my cousins, Daniel and Carolin, and we did our Last-minute Christmas shopping. Tomorrow is Christmas Eve and luckily for me I actually managed to buy all my presents today. Yesterday I was supposed to buy ATLEAST some presents, and not leave everything till today, but as I was on my way to the gym my friend Becca texted me. She said that they had an extra cinema ticket for The Hobbit so I went to the cinema with her afterwards instead, hhehe. So no Christmas shopping for me! The movie was good, but not like WOAW good, haha. Then after the movie I met Alexandra, Emily and her friend and we had some thai food.
So today, around 4 p.m.,after we had finished our shopping, I went home to wrapp my present. Then Alexandra came home to me and we made some really cute cupcakes. She had bought some mini-jelly-raspberries and mini-meringues for decorations and the result was SUPER CUTE!

Plain Vanilla Cupcakes ♡

Cupcakes with pink frosting ♡

Made some delicious cupcakes with pink frosting and sprinkles