Finally made up my mind!

Tomorrow is the last day to decide what classes you want to choose for your individual choice as well as programme specialization. I've always been really interested in psychology but instead I chose chinese (mandarin) for my IV-choice. Since it's benefitial for me to improve my mandarin, and I really enjoy learing the language, I was 100% sure that this was a class I wouldn't regret choosing. It was when I had to choose my programme specialization all the hesitations started to come. For the past few days I was sure that I was going to choose english and maths (step 5) until today when I had to send in my final choices.
For the past few hours I've been talking to some friends about whether I should or shouldn't choose maths. Since there weren't really any other classes that I wanted to take (except psychology, which you weren't able to  choose for programme specialiation!) I felt that maths was the only solution, believe it or not. I even talked to my older cousins and asked for some advice. After going through this long process I'm really satisfied with my final choices and everything feels really good right now. I didn't choose maths and instead I chose .... sceintific specialization! It's a new course in swedish highschools and it's practically like your highschool project just that it requires more work. On top of it, you could merge these two projects and make it into one bigger project!

Gud vilken härlig blogg!

2013-03-07 // 22:53:11

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