Study free week

This whole week our school have had a  "homework and test free week" in order to reduce the stress level amongst us students. This means that none of the teachers were allowed to put any assignments or test on this week. So my whole week has simply been really relaxing and nice. Although we had most of our normal classes some things were different. For example, on monday morning we had a lecture about how to cope with stress and how to make life decisions. Although I already knew most of the things he said it was still really inspiring and interesting. In this lecture we were also introduced to some meditation activities which was really fun. Then in the middle of the week our class had a yoga lesson!

Tomorrow is a new week and eveything is back to normal which means normal lessons, homework, tests etc... Since this week has really been "stress free" I feel that I've gained a lot of positive energi and ready for a new week with new challenges!








Är du intresserad av ett eget domän?
Ger ut gratis, just nu!! :)

2013-03-11 // 11:32:31

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