Last minute Christmas Shopping - check!

SUNDAY. This morning I went to Frölunda Torg with my cousins, Daniel and Carolin, and we did our Last-minute Christmas shopping. Tomorrow is Christmas Eve and luckily for me I actually managed to buy all my presents today. Yesterday I was supposed to buy ATLEAST some presents, and not leave everything till today, but as I was on my way to the gym my friend Becca texted me. She said that they had an extra cinema ticket for The Hobbit so I went to the cinema with her afterwards instead, hhehe. So no Christmas shopping for me! The movie was good, but not like WOAW good, haha. Then after the movie I met Alexandra, Emily and her friend and we had some thai food.
So today, around 4 p.m.,after we had finished our shopping, I went home to wrapp my present. Then Alexandra came home to me and we made some really cute cupcakes. She had bought some mini-jelly-raspberries and mini-meringues for decorations and the result was SUPER CUTE!

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