Merry Christmas á la Emily!

Hellooo Emily here! It's Chrismas Eve and I'm spending it with my beloved relatives. Myspys! Today we are at restaurant Loon!! Its been fun so far, with that i mean we have taken loads and loads of ego pics which i know u readers will love! Btw i love my cousins! Especially Camilla and Linnea, i love theeeemm soooo much!! All the way to Pluto and back!! But i don't know if they love me :(( I'm so sad!! I'm a loner! Pooop! My life is sooo boring poop facce!!

//Emily Hooo!

Last minute Christmas Shopping - check!

SUNDAY. This morning I went to Frölunda Torg with my cousins, Daniel and Carolin, and we did our Last-minute Christmas shopping. Tomorrow is Christmas Eve and luckily for me I actually managed to buy all my presents today. Yesterday I was supposed to buy ATLEAST some presents, and not leave everything till today, but as I was on my way to the gym my friend Becca texted me. She said that they had an extra cinema ticket for The Hobbit so I went to the cinema with her afterwards instead, hhehe. So no Christmas shopping for me! The movie was good, but not like WOAW good, haha. Then after the movie I met Alexandra, Emily and her friend and we had some thai food.
So today, around 4 p.m.,after we had finished our shopping, I went home to wrapp my present. Then Alexandra came home to me and we made some really cute cupcakes. She had bought some mini-jelly-raspberries and mini-meringues for decorations and the result was SUPER CUTE!

3 days left! ❄

FRIDAY. It's soon Christmas and I haven't bought a single present yet... So tomorrow I'm planning on going to town and buy/find most of them. Today I came home around five from my friend Tania. Yesterday night my friends and I were at some Christmas Party and it was a lot of fun, especially in the beginning when you actually hade the energy to dance and have fun but near  the end everyone got really tired and it started getting a bit boring, haha. When the party had ended we got picked up by Tania's mother. Whilst waiting for her we got some late-night cravings so she was so kind and drove us to McDonalds. haha such fatties!
When we came home to Tania we finished our food and got ready for bed. Then we were intending on watching a good movie but that didn't happen, hehe. Around 4 a.m. Emily fell asleep directly, and Tania just left me (fell asleep) whilst we were having a conversation...yeah so no movie time for us. This morning we woke up around twelve and Emily made American pancakas for breakfast!  *applause* ....but since I don't really like pancakas I had some bread instead and a lot of chocolate and candies. Yummy! After having breakfast for like two long hours, we went up to the bedroom and we stayed there for like another hour doing ...nothing really...  Around 4 in the afternoon Emily and me went home.
Right now I'm really tired and don't really have the energy to do anything so this is why I've written this long diary.
These are some of the pictures we took on the bus on our way to the party haha, and yeah.. it's fun taking pictures!
A nice picture that Emily managed to take with her phone yesterday night inside Brewhouse! 

Christmas Holiday! ☆*゚

WEDNESDAY. Today has been a very calm day. Haven't really done anything special today and just taken it easy and watched some movies. The perks of being a wallflower with Logan Lerman and Emma Watson (love them, both are great actors!), and also Pitch perfect. Two very different movies but they were both really good!

Last day of school!

MONDAY. Today was my last day at school (for this term). We didn't really have any lessons today or we were supposed to have a short physics lesson but it turned our that our teacher only wanted us there so that he together with all the other teachers in school (or most of them) could come in and surprise us by singing a christmas carol for us students and wish us happy holidays, which was really cute and nice! Then half our class had biologi and we did microscoping on Euglena for like 50 min and then we were allowed to leave. So today was a really short school day.
Tomorrow our school is going to play Volleyball and hopefully it's going to be as fun as it was last year! 

Third advent ✳

SUNDAY. Today is the third advent which means that it's Christmas in less than eight days! Wiieee ❄

The Capital City ♛

THROWBACK. Looking through old photos from this summer and found some nice pictures from when Emily and me went to Stockholm. We stayed there for 2 or 3 days (haha can't really remember!) and it was a lot of fun! (hoppas du ser inlägget nu haha för ingen annan läser typ bloggen hehhehe) 
Me to the left and Emily to the right. The silver bracelets are from a small shop somewhere in Gamle stan.
This is where Sweden's king lives, like W-O-A-W!

Plain Vanilla Cupcakes ♡

No school today

MONDAY. Ususally I have sleep-ins on mondays but today it got even better. Whilst I was eating my delicious breakfast I got a random text from my friend telling me that both our physics and biology classes are cancelled, and that we get to work at home instead. So no school for me today. Yippie! The less tempting part is that I still have to go to my chinese class in the afternoon, but  I shouldn't complain! 

Details of today - Golden necklace ♛

Today I wore one of my favourite necklace with my white silk blouse, both from Shanghai, China!

Sunday in words

Waiting for my delayed bus right now. So this morning my friend Tania and I went to the gym and worked out. ohYeah! Later on we met Emily and had lunch together. We couldn't make up our minds at first but then we decided to have some thai food! After that we went to American bakery and had some delicious dessert.
Rocky-road chocolate muffin and Meringue lemon pie. Yummy!

Cupcakes with pink frosting ♡

Made some delicious cupcakes with pink frosting and sprinkles

Barcelona, Spanien

Här är en fin och somrig bild som jag tog förra vinterlovet när jag var i Barcelona. Saknar det eller rättare sagt så saknar jag värmen! Vill bort från kalla Sverige..... men julen och snön är ändå väldigt mysigt!

Good morning Sunshine!